What to Expect
CrossFit can at first be intimidating but don’t worry, almost everyone in our community is just an average jane or joe looking to get a great workout.

When you come to Iron League Fitness, you can expect a very accepting atmosphere along with great coaching. Getting started with Iron League is very easy!

1. Free Class
First, come in and try us out for your free class. We always give everyone new a free class because we know we have a great environment and the best coaches around.

2. Earn a Free Week
Next, earn a free week! To earn a free week, you must 1) Like our FB page, 2) sign up and register for your free week using the link below. Through the first few classes we will teach you some movements from all our methodologies to enhance your ability to reach your fitness and health goals. We are sticklers for proper form and movement as we want to ensure your long term success. Your free week also gives you time to get to know folks and understand the awesome social experience that is Iron League!

That’s it! Reach out and let’s get you started with your free week!

Start Your Free Week Now!

Any other questions? Please reach out.

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